The lumbar support is an important part of the car seat. Strangely enough, not all seats have a lumbar support. And many seats that do have one offer inadequate settings to provide every driver with an optimal position. The support is a relatively simple component: a sliding, adjustable support that ensures that the hollow of the back is filled out. This results in the hollow of the back getting the necessary support. The lumbar support is therefore crucial for preventing fatigue, soreness and pain. You can choose how high you want the lumbar support to be and how much support you want for your back.

Manual or electrically adjustable lumbar support

Don’t have a lumbar support in your seat? Then Alba Automotive has the built-in solution for you. Alba Automotive will provide you with a manually or electrically adjustable lumbar support. You can install this support into any seat, no matter the upholstery type. We do this without marring the appearance of your seat(s).

With our lumbar supports you can easily transform your less-than-ideal seat into an excellent specimen of seated pleasure that provides optimal back support where you need it. We can install the lumbar support in your existing seat(s), but you can also opt to combine the support with a customised leather car interior or seat heating.

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Lumbar support for an optimal seated position

Treat yourself to the perfect seat and allow us to install a lumbar support. You will sit more comfortably, have fewer problems with fatigue and/or pain and arrive more refreshed at your destination. If you want to go a step further than installing a lumbar support, you can have us install a complete massage system. We will always be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with more information. You can also directly request a no-obligation quote and find out how competitive our prices are for a lumbar support installation.