Alba eco-leather

Alba Eco-leather looks and feels like real leather. The fit is also identical to leather. Our high quality Eco-leather is installed the same way as the original interior fitted by the manufacturer. We guarantee safety and fully operational airbags. In fact, all of our Eco-leather car interiors come with a full guarantee for 100,000 km or 2 years.

Alba Eco-leather has a unique set of properties that actually offer several advantages over real leather. Yet, since the structure of the fibre is identical, Alba Eco-leather looks and feels like real leather. Alba Eco-leather is also colourfast, scratchproof, tear-resistant, hard-wearing, breathable, moisture regulating and acid and alkali resistant.

Alba eco-leather – Suede-look

Our range now includes a fabulous Suede-look fabric than can be combined with Alba Eco-leather. Alba Suede-look has all the attractive properties of suede: it feels wonderfully soft to the touch, yet it is also strong and easy to clean. The colours are designed to match Alba Eco-leather.

Alba eco-leather – Nappa

The beautiful, soft touch Nappa leather with fine leather structure is now also available in eco-leather. Alba eco-leather Nappa has the 4 most popular colors to create a beautiful car interior. And otherwise make a combination with Alba eco-leather Suede-look, for an even more luxury look and extra comfort.


Eco-leather – Suède-look

Eco-leather – Nappa