Alba Cleaning Kit Alba Clean CareDo you want to clean your car interior? Then use our special cleaning kit. Using the cleaning kit to clean your upholstery will not only keep your seats at their best, it will also increase their life span. Periodic seat maintenance is essential for a long life span. Our cleaning kit cleans and protects at the same time. Because leather is a natural product, a leather chair is always subject to wear and tear. If you do not perform any maintenance, then you run the risk of your seats looking worn over the course of time. In some cases the leather can dry out, causing little rips in the material. This can be prevented when you regularly clean the leather seats with the cleaning kit

Cleaning kit specially for our products

Cleaning your car interior is not difficult. Alba Automotive’s cleaning kit was specially developed to optimally work with our products. You can clean your car interior yourself, and you don’t need a lot of time for it. For example, you can do it after washing or vacuuming the car. Even if you don’t have a customised leather car interior by Alba Automotive, you can still use our cleaning kit for your (partial) leather factory interior. The cleaning kits are not suitable for cloth car interiors.

Keep it clean

Do you want to clean your car interior and keep it in optimal condition? Then order a cleaning kit by Alba Automotive to ensure long-lasting, good-looking upholstery. And if you prefer not to deal with the cleaning yourself but want to have your interior professionally cleaned, you can always make an appointment with us.