Alba’s unique colours in Buffalino leather, Nappa leather, Eco-leather and Alcantara

Leather is a beautiful natural product that has been used for a multitude of purposes for centuries. It is strong, hard-wearing and highly durable. Alba’s unique leather colours tie in with the most popular leather colours in the automotive industry. So there will always be a colour that matches your car interior perfectly.

Alba sources its leathers from Europe, Africa and South America. Most of our Buffalino leather comes from South America. Alba supervises the leather processing from start to finish. This ensures that every step of the process, from the cow to the end product, is known and monitored. This is the only way to guarantee automotive leather of the very highest quality. Alba Buffalino leather is dyed throughout. The unique print is applied at the finishing stage.

Alba Eco-leather has a unique set of properties that actually offer several advantages over real leather. Yet, since the structure of the fibre is identical, Alba Eco-leather looks and feels like real leather. Alba Eco-leather is also colourfast, scratchproof, tear-resistant, hard-wearing, breathable, moisture regulating and acid and alkali resistant. Alba eco-leather is now also available in an eco-leather Suede-Look and eco-leather Nappa. Now you can create the most beautiful combinations in eco-leather.

The best quality Nappa leather is made from European cow hides. Alba Nappa leather is dyed throughout and has a lovely natural look with a fine grain in the leather. Nappa leather feels smoother than Buffalino leather and is known for its softness and durability. It creates an especially luxurious look in a car interior.

Alcantara is a luxury fabric with a velvety texture that has all the attractive properties of suede. Its unique characteristics make it ideal for use in leather car interiors. As an upholstery fabric, Alcantara is hard-wearing and easy to clean. It is available in a wide range of colours that are identical to Alba leather colours. Alcantara can be combined with Buffalino leather or Nappa leather in the leather interior, steering wheel cover, gear lever cover, handbrake cover, dashboard and door panels.

Please note! Colours displayed on screen may appear different from the actual colours. Please ask your dealer for alba leather samples.

Buffalino leather


Eco-leather – Suede-look

Eco-leather – Nappa

Nappa leather